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Are you looking for a leadership expert for a keynote? Look no further than to Denise Ann Galloni! She’s the author of Find Your VOICE: The 5 Keys to Lead and Empower Others. She literally wrote the book on effective, impactful leadership that drives results. Denise has delivered over 500 presentations and keynotes (and counting!) to thousands of professionals who want to be better leaders and communicators. She will motivate, inspire, and empower everyone in the room to find their own leadership VOICE.

Find Your Voice: The 5 Keys to Lead and Empower Others Signature Keynote

What does “finding your voice” mean for you and your organization? If you are currently a leader in your organization, want to be a leader, or have a passion for professional development, the 5 Keys Denise Ann Galloni will teach, can help you focus on what is important in your leadership style.  

Whether your organization has 10 employees or 10,000 employees, Denise Ann Galloni can help any organizational level learn how to Find Their Voice through this keynote presentation. The Find Your V-O-I-C-E formula Denise has developed will empower you with her straightforward strategies  that can be implemented immediately. 

How does she know this? From years of coaching executives in different industries with the common denominator being leadership and communication.  Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark from ABC’s Shark Tank said it best, “Any leader looking to strengthen their team and achieve results will benefit from Denise Ann Galloni’s leadership and communication methods”.  

“Denise provided a ton of valuable information in a very understandable format with a very professional presentation”.
Janis Lipinski

Member Education Chair, Women’s Business Network

Denise Ann Galloni Keynote

Leadership Development & Workshops

Does your organization need effective, results producing leaders who know how to motivate and empower their team members? Denise is an award-winning corporate trainer. Her training workshops are educational, engaging and provide insightful strategies and tools that leaders can implement with their team immediately.

Networking for Executives

As an executive, expanding your contacts by networking is important and may be crucial for new business for your company. Do you often struggle with what to say? Are you unsure how to approach someone and initiate conversations? In this training workshop, you will learn how to comprise your own unique and effective one- minute commercial by answering three vital questions when meeting new people. You will discover how to qualify the person you are speaking with and only give them the information they need to hire you or your business. Other various proven tips and suggestions when networking will be discussed.

Custom presentations are available upon request

Teamwork Rework: Solutions to Workplace Drama

All teams face dilemmas and drama from time to time. Developing leadership skills to overcome these temporary obstacles is what helps organizations thrive. During this training workshop, your staff will learn the crucial skills needed to be effective and overcome team fractures. Team activities will improve their willingness to work together so they can become productive once again

Custom presentations are available upon request

Speak Confidently: Present Like a Pro

Does the thought of speaking in front of a group make you nervous and fearful? Do you struggle with leading meetings with your team?  Do you worry when you have to present in front of your company executives or the board of directors? In this training workshop, you will discover the true reason you are uncomfortable speaking in front of people and then learn to overcome these obstacles. You will leave this workshop with proven tips to help get rid of these obstacles you may be facing. If you avoid speaking in your company, these tips will have you presenting like a pro.

Denise Ann Galloni Keynote Speaker
“Wonderful training, getting the students to learn how we need to work with each other”.
Don Bartwick
YouthBuild Program Manager, Westmoreland-Fayette County Workforce Investment Board

Other popular workshops include: 

– Leave Managing Change in your organization

– Understanding conflict can be a good thing

– Create your positive mindset to be successful

Custom presentations are available upon request

Leadership Consultant

When you hire Denise as the leadership consultant for your organization, your team will reap the benefits from her years of experience providing leadership and communication consulting services to major corporations and individuals. She’s the leadership expert with the proven “Find Your V.O.I.C.E” formula.

Custom Training Package

Are you unsure how to roll out a new training program? Do you need help creating supplemental training materials for your employees? Is your training department stretched too thin? Are you wondering how to get everyone trained in a timely manner?

Denise will meet with your organization and develop a customized training plan that focuses on the core items in which you need assistance along with the training plan and expectations. After the plan has been approved, she will design any training materials needed to help make the training process smooth and successful for your company.  Facilitation services may also be included based on her availability.

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