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 Denise has delivered more than 500 presentations across the United States and Internationally. She is a Toastmasters award winner as well as a two-time Distinguished Toastmaster and winner of The Pittsburgh Business Show award. Denise is a published author, speaker and TV show host.

Find Your Voice by Denise Ann Galloni

Find Your Voice: The 5 Keys to Lead and Empower Others

What does “finding your voice” mean for you and your organization? If you are currently a leader in your organization, want to be a leader, or are a business owner, the 5 Keys discussed in this book will help you focus on what is important in your leadership style and how to prosper as a leader.

How does Denise know this? From years of coaching executives in different industries.

A common denominator in her experience has been leadership and communication. Conducting over 500 presentations to a diverse audience has shown her the 5 Keys are very much a real issue in these organizations, whether they have 1 to 10,000 employees.

Sucess is a Choice by Denise Ann Galloni and James Malinchak

Success is a Choice: Inspiring Thoughts to Jumpstart Your Success

Denise Ann Galloni joined best-selling author James Malinchak - featured on ABC's Secret Millionnaire to co-author the recent book, Success Is A CHOICE! – Inspiring Thoughts to Jump-Start Your Success.

This NEW “Game-Changing Book” REVEALS How You Can Attract More Opportunities, Achieve Bigger Goals and Create More Abundance!

The foreword is also written by James Malinchak, Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire, Founder of and says:

"This book contains simple, yet powerful, strategies that can empower you to achieve your dreams and goals. If you want to attract more opportunities, achieve bigger goals and create more abundance, then read and absorb the ideas in this book!”

Denise and James are accomplished speakers, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs who co-authored the book because of their commitment to serving others and willingness to share their secrets for living an extraordinary life.

Present Like a PRO: Keep Your Audience Engaged from Start to Finish

Denise Ann Galloni

Join two-time Distinguished Toastmaster Denise Ann Galloni for this one-hour comprehensive master class.

You’ll learn how to:

  • End dull presentations
  • Engage bored participants
  • Eliminate complicated slides
  • Stop rushing through your endings
  • Avoid common mistakes most presenters make every day

This prerecorded workshop will give you the skills you need to:

  • Capture the attention of your audience and keep them engaged
  • Develop brief and concise material
  • Be interesting and relatable
  • Craft a polished and memorable presentation
  • Polish your presentation skills

Here’s what Denise’s attendees have to say:

  • “Denise provided a ton of valuable information in a very understandable format.”
  • “Wonderful training.  Everyone was glad they came.”
  • “Just what I needed to calm my nerves before my finance presentation.”

If you are in a leadership role looking to improve your skills or presentations, I invite you to attend Present Like a PRO.

Meet Your Instructor

Denise Ann Galloni Training Workshops

Voted the quietest girl in her senior class, Denise Galloni started to come out of her shell and find her voice as a young adult. Today her mission is to help others find their voices and become better communicators through her company, DG Training Solutions Inc., which was founded in 2014. 

In fact, Denise has delivered more than 500 presentations across the United States and Internationally. She is a Toastmasters award winner. She is a two-time Distinguished Toastmaster. Denise was inspired by so many women who helped her make her business more successful in 2017, she expanded her reach to help women live their dreams by creating, producing and hosting an award-winning TV show called Empowering Women.  She was a nominee for the Inspiring Lives Magazine International Empowerment Award and winner of The Pittsburgh Business Show award for Corporate Training.

Why is this course free?

Every week I receive specific questions on how to eliminate dull, tedious and painful presentations. It has taken me years and many presentations to learn these tips. This is my gift to you.

Hire Denise as a corporate speaker or trainer for organization!

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